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Saturday, October 25, 2014

SEROCENE: NEW performance collaboration premiering at MIX NYC Nov. 15, 2014

NEW performance collaboration premiering at MIX NYC Nov. 15, 2014 (7:30PM @
MIX HIVE, 337 Butler St., Brooklyn, NY 11217)

SEROCENE promo image by Matthew Robin Nye (photo inset by Julio Pantoja) 2014

Jordan Arsenault + Matthew-Robin Nye

A new interdisciplinary performance employing original music (live voice and cello), movement, projected animation, and drag to engage with histories of body dysmorphia, HIV, and queer overcomings. Serocene is an original presentation which will have its premiere at MIX NYC.

The performer, Jordan Arseneault, uses song, costume, monologues and elements of cabaret-style drag to evoke as-yet unspoken connections between his experience with body dysmorphia and contracting HIV. A performance collage that seeks to synthesize personal, mythical, theoretical and social facts, Serocene will point to connections between child obesity, anorexia, HIV, and finally, the quest for a new self-image requiring a transformation of the world around him and the worlds within. This performance will be co-composed with a projected visual narrative created by Matthew-Robin Nye. Jordan’s work speaks directly to Matthew-Robin’s academic and artistic output outlining a path towards ‘Queer Futurity’. With Peaches LePage, Arsenault’s drag alterego, Nye will paint a re/creation myth of a borderless hybrid identity and his/her utopian landscape.

Rather than merely tell a personal story, Serocene will invite spectators to consider their own histories and possibilities for transformation, both of the world and of themselves. Employing performance and video installation, personal narrative as well as affective text, we will present a story of potentiality and radical acceptance.