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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Real Live Radio Hosting: Mon Dec 28th

Hi thanks to Courtney and Dave and the absence of the real Dykes on Mics I had the opportunity to hots my first live radio broadcast on CKUT. Our songlist is below. We did a queer year in review with a couple of highlights from each of us and a couple of shout-outs to Pervescité, Radical Queer Semain, Axon D'Luxe and Rae Spoon. Check out the drop-down list under Dykes on Mykes for Monday, Dec. 28th-- it starts about 6 minutes in.

As I recall, we started the year on a wave of optimism from the defeat of the Bush régime south of the border and the beginning of what I like to call the Obamarama, right? He was going to stop all the wars, signal the beginning of the end of endemic racism, democratize healthcare and defend human rights for women and gays. He didn’t get it all done, but I do have to hand it to him, on a theme that has recurred several times in the media this year, Mr. Obama delivered a coup against HIV discrimination when in October he repealed the 22 year-old U.S. travel entry ban for HIV positive people. It was one of those funny executive order things where the U.S. president just signs and it’s gone. As of January 2010, for the first time since the AIDS crisis, it is no longer illegal for foreign HIV positive people to step foot on American soil. Countries that still have the ban in effect include long-time human rights favorites China and Saudi Arabia.
Oh yeah and they passed that health insurance bill in Congress on Christmas Eve, but that’s for a whole other show!

There was a new kid on the block in the queer calendar this year, one that gave me a new chosen family and somewhere to be on Sunday nights for 3 months, and that was Radical Queer Semaine! A week of actions, workshops, demos, performances and music that made a little beating heart of anti-capitalist underground queerness beat a little faster last year. Everyone’s major highlights were the openning address by Michael Hendricks on his ACT-UP Montreal years and lifetime of activism, an impromptu workshop by BDSM sexpert Anrea Zanin, a marathon performance art night, a legendary party that transformed the social economy loft building we had rented for the week, and a wonderful Folk as Queers night that brought Rae Spoon and Sarah Mangle to us and showed us the best of St-Henri improv with the Inapprpriate Hymns and Hers.
Our friends from the newly formed group PolitiQ have made it their mission to keep RQS alive again this year. If you’re interested in getting involved this year, leaving your mark or having a mark left on you, contact them at and on Facebook through the PolitiQ group page.

"Homo Christmas" Pansy Division from *The Essential Pansy Division*
"Do I Belong?" Hidden Cameras from *Origin, Orphan*
"Butterflies" Nicki Click from *I'm on my Cellphone*
"Gay Bomb" Axon D'Luxe from *Axon D'Luxe*
"Hot Lips" Pacific! from *Reveries*
"Chica de Metal" Kumbia Queers *Kumbia Nena*
"Come on Forest Fire Burn the Disco Down"
*Superioryouareinferior* l
"Breakdance Hunx" Kids On TV from *Mixing Business With Pleasure*

Sunday, December 6, 2009


A very powerful statement of the level of anti-government and anti-fascist activism in Greece. What is the midpoint, one wonders, between the complacent/complicit bourgeois obedience to S. Harper's régime of ignorance and backward-thinking conservatism which we live with in Canada, and these anarchist acts of violence?
Is it time for mass civil disobedience? Must investigate history of CD in Canada and get back to you.