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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Could Get Worse - Don't Let it! Stop Harper's Bill C10

It Could Get Worse is an awareness and action project that seeks to call attention, using video and online means, to the dangerous, wasteful, and unnecessary Omnibus Crime Bill C10 being proposed this session by the Conservative Party under the delusion that it will make this country "safer". In fact, the bill's proposals involve creating a massively funded prison-building splurge, hiring excessive numbers of guards, and increasing sentences and prison times when ALL respected research has proven that these measures make for sicker, weaker, poorer and more miserable societies. On Nov. 1st, Québec's Justice Minister stated that the Québec Government would not pay into the fiscally irresponsible projects that would ensue from this draconian bill should it become law. Shortly after, Newfoundland and Ontario joined the countrywide chorus of voices that strongly oppose this brutal Bill. We are urging Canadians, especially those who reside in Conservative-led ridings, to call or e-mail their Member of Parliament and tell them that this bill is unCanadian, outdated, and that its fiscal and social costs are too high; that it is based on bogus knee-jerk unresearched ideas, and that, more profoundly, Bill C10 is completely out of touch with criminological research and anti-oppressive learnings. Longer sentences, bigger prisons, and more punishable offenses is NOT the way to build a safer, stronger, more economically viable country! Join us in supporting massive petition efforts by and AVAAZ to prevent this cruel bill from becoming a legislative reality. For the Toronto Star's excellent summary of why we must oppose this delusional and punishment-obsessed bill, check out this article: To find out who your MP is, and get their Ottawa phone number and official e-mail address, click here: