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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear Toraumatized lady-friends,

So sorry to hear about all the evil police brutality in your city last weekend.
But never fear, Aïda is here! I'm feeling like a little police-themed Deutschekunt/kunst-hassen-sex-sang is in order for my first ever visit during Toronto Pride! Yippee!

On the agenda:
Arriving Thurs pm, dinner w/ Moh and dessert at LAB
Friday: visit to PWA and Will Munro party at night
Sat: Trans march and Cyndi Lauper at night
Sun: something less gay
Mon 9am: au revoir!

I am still c/hell-phoneless, so the more hang-outs I can arrange in the advance the better! For the occasion, my special wing-(wo)man will be the illustriously queer Marlo Turner Ritchie, on whose c/swell-phone I may be s/textable upon request (zat ok mit zu, Mar?).

I'll be staying in Roncesvalles thurs-fri, middtown on sat, and back to Roncey for Sun night with dearest Jessums Barr. Goals this weekend include:

G etting cheap food
A ssembling en masse for a collective cry to "True Colors"
Y our hugs
S taying sober
H omophilia
I nsider parties
T aking back the Dyke

With love from bucolic Montréal,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Follow me on CKUT: Queer Corps!

I'm co-hosting the weekly Queer Corps CKUT 90.3fm, Mondays 6pm-7pm:

new affiliations

Not that I think the word is "apartheid" is so precious that it could not be replaced with something less shocking to the immoral majority, but I support sanctions against the State of Israel for their treatment of Palestinians. I also support all those who strive to prove that Pride is political, that voices of dialogue and resistance matter in the defense of social justice, and that we must stand on the side of the oppressed.
See in Toronto, queers!