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Monday, October 5, 2009

hola / âllo / hello

Caros lectores: bienvenido a mi nuevo blog.
Chers lecteurs: merci de consulter mon nouveau blogue.
Dear readers: welcome to my new blog.

Most of my posts will be in Canadian English, sin embargo, les invito a hacer notas en castellano; veuillez me laisser des notes en langue française si vous voulez.

Things I have loved this month:
- Traniwreck with Aliza Shapiro at the Middle East on Sept. 23rd.
- Meeting Camryn from Big Moves (finally!)
- the lady of colour at the *Start Laundry* in Mission Hill, Boston, who told me to "Stay out of trouble"
- Dontà Cheyenne Simmons
- Watching the last 45 minutes of John Hustonès Key Largo on a balmy night in Cape Cod.
- Legal Sea Foods;
- Zobriety;
- Frère Geoffrey at
- Jess Mac, Stikki MacMillan, Heather Influenza, C.T. Horné and Jessums Barr.
- Jerusalem in My Heart.

Things I have raged against this month:
- Keeping in touch with toxic friends from your past;
- Middle-aged German émigré interlopers putting up Obama posters with Sharpied-on HITLER 'staches (Bonaventure métro, Montréal, 3 Oct. 2009, 11am)
- Passive aggression;
- War, patriarchy, hate, and its discontents.
- Narcissism without self-awareness;
- Bad self-esteem gay bitchiness.

Please post photos and videos of me at your leisure. This is an open-dialogue blog, but the rules of good argument will be imposed: good intentions, non-violence, hate-free and socially inclusive. Gracias / Merci /Thank you!

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